Landlord Protection Network


 I love the Landlord Protection Network! My potential tenants apply online and within minutes I have complete reports to make a decision... They have my business always... 

John Hoffman

 I was AMAZED at the amount of information Landlord Protection Network was able to report to me..Just make an account, then you enter tenant's email, so they login and enter the information themselves. The Reports had not only their credit/criminal history, but traffic citations, what their salary is, how many credit cards they have with their limit and current balance, car loans (only if the loan is through the manufacturer's financing), and prior evictions/defaults. Was simple, pain-free, no hidden fees. A++++! 

Gary Walters, Property Manager

 We have only used you once (only time needed) but that experience was Great! 

B. Arel

 I have been with you folks for years and more than once your services have provided me the necessary info to make an informed decision that resulted in my refusing a BAD tenant - that went on to ruin another's property instead of mine - I have no complaints and should be sending through an application today - Thanks 

T. Gagnon

 I think your service is Wonderful & you are professional, efficient & a life saver for small apartment owners like me! 

M. Cobb

 We appreciate Landlord Protection Network and the services that you provide, when needed. 

L. O'Leary

 "Very pleased with service from Landlord protection Network. Wouldn't consider using anyone else." 

R. Rockett

 You did a good job on screening my first tenant they are great tenants, are still in my apartment. I only have 1 apt that is a rental. Thanks 

S. Jude

 Have referred you for my brother, who was doing his first tenant search. 

E. Pelletier

 I've received excellent service from Landlord Protection Network, and would highly recommend this service to any landlord. Jay Gordon has done an outstanding job representing Landlord Protection Network and has on many occasions taken to the time to help me understand the information so that I could make a better decision. Don't let him go! With the help from Landlord Protection Network I have lowered my vacancy rate significantly, while doubling the number of units. Thanks for your help! 

K & T Fowles

 Very pleased with your services. I have only 4 units, and generally my tenants stay awhile. 

G. Smith

 Would not change a thing, love the service & recommend to everyone! 

R&R Property Management

 I am totally satisfied with your service. I only own one (3 unit) apartment building. Using your service has given me more confidence in choosing a tenant. Thank you. 

G. Deprey

 Your company is great! Kathy is always extremely helpful & I can't think of anything I'd do different. Thanks for the terrific service! 

T. McDade

 In some cases, i.e a teacher at a local school, I will waive background checks knowing they have been screened and their standing in the community. You provide excellent service, I wouldn't change a thing. Thank You Landlord Protection Network.. 

G. Lambert

 Your service is great, thanks to you I have great tenants; in my own building, 2 rental units, and the ones I manage. I'm 77 and only manage 2 single families and a 2 unit for friends. May return in a few years, but am still going strong! 

Village Real Estate

 Great Customer Service. Your research has been invaluable to screening my tenants. 

Walton Street Property

 Your service has provided us with the help needed so we make better decisions about who to rent to. I appreciate this letter. I like that you care about your customers and the service you provide to them. Good business principles. 

Winter Street Investments

 Very pleased with your service & would have highly recommended your business to other! 


 Sold apartment building. You were company was Great!! Thank you for your service & if we ever get to be landlords again, we will call on you. Thanks again. 

E. Rosengren

 At last vacancy - we were able to rent property quicker with higher quality applicants. Very satisfied with Landlord Protection Network service. 

B. Guthrie, Princeton

 Find a user friendly line by line explanation of credit report so landlords can really understand what they are looking at. 

J & L Andrews

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